BPA Firers Course – Phoenix Fireworks – 20/21 April 2013

Course Type: – BPA Firers exam – CANCELLED

Venue: – TAB

Fees: – Closed

Contact: – Alex Selby – 07527 128342

BPA Firers Course – Impact Technical – 9th-10th March, 16 March 2013

Course Type: – BPA  Firers exam – closed

Venue: – Washington

Fees: – closed

Contact: – Wayne Wilson – 07880527077

BPA Firers Course – MLE Fireworks – 20th/21st April 2013

Course Type: – BPA Firers course and exam – closed course

Venue: – Rugby

Fees: – Closed

Contact: – Mat Lawrence, tel: 07327 876037, email:

BPA Senior Firers Course – 1st Galaxy – 2nd &17th March 2013

Course Type: – BPA Senior Firers Level exam – open course

Venue: – Nottinghamshire

Fees: – £249.60 for non members

Contact: – Samantha Smith- 01623 792121

BPA Senior Firers Course – 1st Galaxy – 2nd March / 17th March 2013

Course Type: – BPA Senior Firers Level exam – closed course

Venue: – Nottinghamshire

Fees: – Closed

Contact: – Samantha Smith- 01623 792121

Fireworks Familiarisation Course For Enforcers – 1st October 2013

This course is intended for enforcers who wish to enhance their knowledge of fireworks in general – with particular emphasis on storage, transportation for display (professional) use. The material covered will be relevant to ELO’s, Firemen, Police, HSE, TSO’s and EHO’s who have responsibility for inspection and enforcement.

Course Type: – Fireworks Familiarisation course for Enforcers

Venue: – Grafham Water Sailing Club, Perry, Huntingdon Cambs. PE28 0BU

Fees: – £200.00 includes lunch and refreshments

Contact: – Avril di Palma, tel: 01480 878621, email:

BPA Firers Exam

Find out why many local authorities and organisations will only allow companies and individuals to work for them who have achieved the BPA firers qualification. Check the register now to see if the crew firing your display are fully qualified to BPA standards.

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